Northshore Christian Academy


Fire, earthquake and lockdown drills are practiced throughout the school year. The first drill of the year is scheduled; the subsequent drills occur often without warning. An alarm bell is rung continuously until all personnel, students and guests have exited the building. Everyone must exit the building when the alarm goes off.


We always evacuate the building after an earthquake! Our students are taken outside to a safe location where they wait until further notice. Since aftershocks may cause more damage than the actual quake, we remain outside until we hear that it is safe to enter the building (the type of earthquake may determine the potential or severity of an aftershock). Our buildings are checked for damage, broken items, gas leaks etc. before returning the building.

Reminders for You:

  • Everyone evacuates the buildings. Phones will not be answered.
  • We will always do our best to make sure your child has the best care.
  • Do NOT call the school for information. This ties up the phone lines and hinders us from contacting our emergency resources (ambulance, fire department etc…)
  • We have an out-of-area schools who will field your calls so that our phone lines can remain open. We will alert them to our emergency and provide them with regular up-dated information. This school is:  Valley Christian School (509) 924-9131 or (425) 924-0932
  • Do NOT drive to school. Stay where you are and keep safe! Our roads must remain traffic free so that our city's emergency response teams can maneuver quickly.
  • Students will not be released to any parents right after an earthquake or emergency. NCA Staff needs to assess the situation. Coming to the Academy to retrieve your child may contribute to hysteria, and an environment where other children feel left out. It is recommended that parents pick up their children 3-4 hours after the emergency unless NCA notifies parents beforehand.
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