Northshore Christian Academy

Physical Education (PE) Program

At Northshore, we are committed to building students agility, coordination and teamwork skills in every grade. Students in 1st-8th grade participate in PE twice a week, while kindergarten has PE once a week, with the exception of 6th grade which has PE 1 Semester. We focus on students displaying five main objectives. They are cognitive and social objectives; Sportsmanship-showing respect for others, Participation-willingness to try new activities, Attitude-showing Christ-like attitude and behavior, Cooperation-work together with others, Effort-always try your best.  Students learn how to incorporate the components of fitness; flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Physical objectives, such as balance, flexibility, strength, cardio, agility, coordination, speed and reaction time are an important part of the program for every grade level.  In addition to the learning objectives, all students experience numerous games and sports. These games include flag football, hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, pickle ball, juggling, speedball, track, jump rope, aerobics, and Taekwondo. All sports are introduced as early as possible, even in kindergarten. By 6-8th grade, students have a basic mastery and understanding of the elements of each sport and the basis for developing strong skills in each sport.

PE Teachers

Mrs. Kari Carter earned a B.A. degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education from Central Washington University. She has extensive soccer coaching experience at NCA and internationally. She also runs summer sports camps for volleyball, basketball, and soccer. She has been teaching since 1995, began teaching at NCA in 1996, and has taught PE at NCA since 2007.

Miss Hannah Merisko will be teaching Physical Education at NCA this year. She is a NCA alumni (Class of 2007). She graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BS in Exercise Science and a minor in Health and Fitness Education. She played varsity lacrosse and soccer since an early age (both at home and internationally). She has been a soccer coach since high school, summer camp coach at NCA, and a CrossFit coach. She is excited to educate children on living a happy and healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
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