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Technology / Computers

With an ever changing world driven by continual technological advancements, equipping our students with a firm foundation in Technology education is essential.

To learn more about our Technology goals, click on the link below. For details on Technology education for each grade or for a bio of our Technology staff, scroll down this page. To learn more about our Project Lead The Way (PLTW) and Robotics Programs (including our Award Winning 'Robogator's Teams), go to our Engineering webpage.

Technology Department Goals

What Our Students are Doing in Class:

Kindergarten through 5th Grades

  • Kindergarten—Learning to use a mouse and right click, click and drag and draw various pictures associated with classroom learning targets. Students learn basic technology vocabulary.
  • 1st Grade—Learning to use the keyboard to spell out words, vocabulary, learning ctrl + alt + del & logging on and off computers, and classroom learning support in Kidpix.
  • 2nd Grade—Beginning typing skills: learning home row keys. Students complete assignments that support classroom learning in Kidpix and Kidspiration.
  • 3rd Grade—Working on typing in Typing Agent. We also use keyboard covers and monitor words per minute (wpm) in class. Students learn grade level appropriate technology vocabulary. We begin Office programs: Word, Publisher and Powerpoint. Working on saving their work in files on their own student accounts.
  • 4th Grade—Windows 7 Training: Login, Jump Lists, Folder options, Task Bar pinning, Personalize, Search, Shake, Snap, MS Paint, Custom PowerPoint Animation, and Publisher brochures
  • 5th Grade
    • Windows 7 Training: Login, Jump Lists, Folder options, Task Bar pinning, Personalize, Search, Shake, Snap, MS Paint
    • MS Word: Best of Elementary paper
    • MS Publisher
    • Custom PowerPoint Animation

Middle School Electives

  • Photoshop—Students are creating a slideshow with PowerPoint using Photoshop to create animations and background graphics. This is the story of the life of Jesus.
  • Web Design—Intro to Flash
  • Video Editing—Finish 3D movie set with Google Sketchup

For more information, contact:
Kris Peterson, Technology Facilitator
& Computer Teacher

Computer Teachers

Mr. Kris Peterson (Computer/Technology) is NCA's Technology Facilitator and earned his B.A. in Sociology and minor in Computer Science with an emphasis in Art at Seattle Pacific University. Before his teaching career, Mr. Peterson worked in Hollywood on commercials (though not in them). He has worked with startup technology companies and started one from scratch for developing educational applications. Mr. Peterson helps integrate technology at Northshore. He and his wife, Denise's children have been students at NCA. Mr. Peterson has worked at Northshore since 1999.

Mrs. Raine Sherwood (Computers) earned her BA in Elementary Education from City University of Seattle. She spent two years at King’s Elementary student teaching in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. In 2009 she started at NCA teaching for the Summer Program, then was hired as the librarian and later as a 2nd grade teacher where she taught for 3 years and she started PLTW at NCA. Mrs. Sherwood has been at Northshore since 2010 and has been teaching computers since 2012.

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