Northshore Christian Academy

Weather Related Emergency Closures or Delayed Starts

Obviously, unforeseen school closures cannot be published ahead of time. Most of the time, such closures would be due to inclement weather. If there is ANY chance of such a schedule change (either a delayed start or an actual school closure), these are the ways you we communicate this information:

  • All-School email is sent informing parents of the closure/delay (provided our electricity is on so that this can be accomplished).
  • Call NCA's Info line for Inclement Weather & School Closures
    (425) 407-1119  Ext. #1315
  • NCA's Website—We often post closures/delays information on the homepage of our website (provided that there is electricity).
  • SIGN UP and VISIT SchoolReport's website for Weather Related Delays and Closures: Northshore Christian Academy uses to broadcast emergency announcements through TV, radio and the Internet. For more information on how to subscribe for free, see the high-lite column on the right of this webpage.

We make every effort to record a closure message on the NCA answering machine by 6:30am on applicable  mornings. Please note:  we may NOT close when the Everett School District and/or Mukilteo School District closes. On snowy/icy days we may start up to 2 hours late. In cases where school is delayed, half day Kindergarten and half day AM Pre-Kindergarten will be cancelled for the remainder of the day. PM Pre-Kindergarten will be in session in the afternoon. If this is the case, contact the school or use the above choices of communication, because a sudden worsening of weather conditions could cause us to completely close the school for the day. The Early Learning Center makes every effort to remain open, however; information pertaining to the center will be noted alongside the Academy's closure information.

These instructions are the same if we need to close school once the school day has begun and the weather necessitates us to change the schedule. Call the school and listen to the recorded message and check your email.

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