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Company Matching Gift Programs

Further your efforts when you Volunteer or Donate to NCA!

As a part of business philanthropy, many companies will generously match donations that employees make to non profit organizations like NCA and/or provide generous grants when employees volunteer.

Matching Gifts

DOUBLE your donation to NCA!

Many companies offer a “Matching Gift Program” to their employees as a way to further the donations of its employees to nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to them.  If your organization offers a “Matching Gift Program,” and you as an employee make a donation to an accredited non-profit organization such as NCA, they will match your gift. It’s that simple.
Most, if not all employers, now use online matching gift forms through secure company websites usually tied to your Human Resources Department. In order to begin the matching gift process, simply complete the online form to let them know that you have made your donation to NCA (NCA cannot do this on your behalf). Your company will then ask us to verify the donation and it is done!

Here is information you might need: 
Northshore Christian Academy is a registered 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. 
Our Tax ID #: 91-1515354

Volunteer Matching Gifts

Many companies provide grants for employees who invest their time volunteering at NCA!
Volunteering time to support NCA includes helping teachers, our Walk-a-Thon EventWatchDOGS Program, and all Parent Teacher Fellowship Volunteer time efforts (see our list of Volunteer Opportunities).

Below are a few examples of Volunteer Matching Gift Programs: 
(Please refer to your company program or HR Department for specific details). 
Company Hours Required   Company Donation  Grant Submission Portal 
Alaska 5 Hours  $10 per hour up to $1,000
Apple No minimum $25 Hour
Bank of America  50 Hours $250 grant
Boeing 25 Hours $10 for every 10 hours
Disney 10 hours Up to $2,000
Expedia 5 hours $15 per hour
Microsoft No min $25 Hour
Southwest  Airlines 40 hours 1 round trip flight per 40 hours  Refer to the  "Share The Spirit" Program
Starbucks   25 hours 25-49 hours=$250
 T-Mobile  No min $10 per hour up to $1000
 Verizon  50 hours $750 grants for up to two organizations  Connect with your Verizon HR Department

Boeing Company Matching Gift Program

Below is current information from Boeing's Matching Gifts Program:

Boeing Matching Gifts (monetary)
The Boeing Company will match 1:1 gifts (monetary contributions of cash or stock) to NCA for a minimum gift of $25 or more
(Boeing retirees receive a 0.5:1 match).

How do Boeing Employees and Retirees Request Matching Gifts?
(Here are instructions given to us by a Boeing Employee to help out)

Boeing Matching Instructions: 
2.  Click Gift Match (dollars matching program)
3.  Click Find your charity
     - Search for your charity:  Org Name: Northshore Christian Academy or School ID: A9703575
     - Category: Education
     - Country: United States
     - State: Washington
     - City: Everett   
    4. Click “Make a New Donation” (this is through Payroll Deduction) or “Log an Offline Donation” (directly paid from your Visa, Cash or Checking)
    5. Enter Donation Amount, Date and Type
    6. Upload proof of donation or receipt (may be a screenshot, photo, .pdf or email)
    7. Click Add to My Cart at the bottom
    8.  Next screen Click Make a Match Donation


We are here to help!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mrs. Lina Maragliano, Development Director
Phone: 425.322.2371
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